BM Request slip print


Carbon print on paper, letter
420cm x 297cm, A4

Project involving the donation of a 'Request Slip' print to the British Museum.
Stephen Coppel
Head of the Contemporary Art Department
The British Museum
Great Russel Street
London WC1B 3DG
24th February 2006
Dear Mr. Coppel,
I am writing to you because I would like to make a donation to the Print Room of the British Museum. This donation consists of one carbon print.
I understand that the Print Room is partly able to support itself with the help of donations of books, prints and drawings by established or famous artists. As I am an emerging visual artist, unfamiliar and not yet famous, I understand that you may have reservations accepting my donation.
Please consider the print but also interpret the whole action of this donation as an artistic project. In the broadest sense, this print aims to comment on the subjects of reproduction, labour and craftsmanship.
While the project is more precisely referring to your filing system, please do not see this donation as an offence, on the contrary, there is a poetic moment about the way visitors manually fill in 'Request Slips' prior to being able to view a book, print or drawing.
This print, like a photograph, captures a present moment in our age that is characterised by fast change and computerisation.
I am aware that this donation will not contribute to an instant financial gain for the Print Room of the British Museum and I am also aware that you have limited spatial resources.
Nevertheless, I hope that after your consideration, you will include my donation in your collection of contemporary art.
Yours sincerely,
Michaela Braun"