Rien ne va plus


Proposal for exhibition display
Mixed media (carbon fibre, lacquer, metal)
200 cm, height variable

TRien ne va plus is a proposed exhibition of saltshakers by different artists on a wheel-like exhibition display.
The display structure consists of a large round disc centrally pierced by a giant screw clamped between floor and ceiling. By turning the disc, its height can be varied and adjusted.
The low-tech nature of the expensive, high-tech carbon fibre wheel is at the centre of the idea for the show, as well as the inclusion of functional design-objects, normally rejected by the art environment of the white cube.
However, the idea of movement is essential to the structure and determines its disfunctionality. Initially, the slick exhibition display, not the displayed works, becomes the centre of attention. Only at second sight, one becomes aware that the value of the saltshakers (or other functional objects) commissioned by emerged artists (e.g. David Shrigley's Cocaine & Heroine) which increases the tension between the fragile objects and the movable display, which, when in action, can become a destructive 'display-machine'.
Carbon fibre, the material of the wheel, is a material commonly used in the Formula1 racing car industry. Not only is it extremely valuable but also has some amazing qualities such as minimal weight and stability.